Malama Mushrooms

100% Kona Coffee with Lions Mane Mushroom

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World renowned 100% Kona coffee packed with fung-tional Lion's Mane mushroom extract for sustained, jitter-free energy and brain boosting power! 

Benefits of Lion's Mane Coffee

1. Boosts focus and cognition

2. Enhances memory

3. Helps reverse nerve damage

4. Prevents age-related cognitive decline

The benefits of Lion's Mane Coffee without the crash!

Lion's Mane Coffee is the perfect coffee for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of coffee without the jitters or crash. This coffee is packed with a potent 8:1 Lion's Mane extract, which has been shown to provide sustained energy and focus, as well as enhanced memory and cognitive function.

Lion's Mane can help prevent age-related cognitive decline. Whether you are looking for an energizing cup of coffee or a delicious way to support your health, Lion's Mane Coffee is a perfect choice.

Malama Mushrooms Lion's Mane Coffee is just that and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

What is Mushroom Coffee: 100% Kona with Lion's Mane?

Is a superfood mushroom coffee with 100% Kona-grown ground beans and mixed with a potent 8:1 Lion's Mane Mushroom extracted from 100% Organic fruiting-bodies.

What are the benefits of drinking Mushroom Coffee with Lion's Mane extract?

Claims include improved more sustained, crash-free coffee experience, increased cognitive function, enhanced energy levels, and reduced stress levels.

Is Mushroom Coffee vegan-friendly?

It depends on the specific product, but Mālama Mushroom Coffee products are indeed vegan!

How much Mushroom Coffee should I drink daily?

Consult the packaging for recommended serving size, but it is typically one to two cups per day.

What is the taste of Mushroom Coffee: 100% Kona with Lion's Mane like?

The taste is pretty similar to traditional coffee, with a subtle slightly nutty or earthy flavor from the added mushroom extract that you can barely taste.

Are there any side effects of drinking Mushroom Coffee: 100% Kona with Lion's Mane?

In rare cases, some people may experience digestive upset or allergic reactions. If this occurs, reduce the dose or discontinue use.

100% organic mushroom fruiting-bodies

USDA Certified Organic

Grown on natural wood substrate when applicable

Steam processed for bio-availability & absorption

No added starch, mycelium, grain or fillers of any kind

Third-party tested by accredited lab