Assorted Compostable Cutlery

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Plant-based tableware.

"At Hosted we believe hosting can be both beautiful and sustainable! Hosted utensils are plant based and certified to break down in months (versus traditional disposables that can take years). Hosted was founded by two close friends who shared a vision to create a more sustainable and beautiful plant based partyware brand. 

We are a certified women-owned company, ship carbon neutral and are known for our modern prints, perfect for any occasion!

100% plant-based, compostable disposables.
100% women-owned and operated.
Be a Good Host, Compost!™

• Made in China

Our mission is to change the way people think about and interact with waste, and our vision is to inspire a landfill-less society, where waste is 100% composted or recycled. Hosted compostable tableware combines plant-based disposable technology with elevated prints and patterns, making our products the most sustainable option while never sacrificing design.

Switching to Hosted compostable disposable tableware allows for your party waste to break down and convert into nutrient-rich soil. Hosted products are certified to break down between 90-180 days, while conventional plastics can remain in our landfills and oceans for hundreds of years. Composting all organic waste could eliminate nearly 1/3 of all materials sent to landfills and trash incinerators across the U.S. Make the sustainable choice and shop Hosted.