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Cactus Sticks Churro (Pack of 5)

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Have you ever had a Mexican churro? A fried-dough pastry traditionally coated in sugar and cinnamon. If you haven't tried churros, look no further!  Originally launched as a seasonal, limited edition flavor, but y´all loved them so much and received so many requests after it sold out that we officially welcomed the new sweet member of the family, BIENVENIDX CHURRO! Our very own cactus and amaranth recipe dusted in pulverized dates and cinnamon. Our churro flavor hits all the sweet notes with an added crunch! 

Ingredients: amaranth flour, puffed amaranth, pea protein powder, organic cactus powder, chia seed, ground flax seed, organic spirulina, organic turmeric, ground dried dates, cinnamon, flax seed oil.

Manufactured in a facility that also processed tree nuts, peanuts and wheat.