Choco Nuts Gift Set

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Choco Nuts are a line chocolate-coated almonds, made with Pocket Latte® Signature Oat Milk Chocolate. Mocha Nuts are made with cashew milk.

Included in gift set:

1 X Mocha Nuts

1 X Matcha Choco Nuts

1 X Black Sesame Choco Nuts

These delicious snacks are low sugar, made with premium ingredients, and crafted with amazing flavors that represent our upbringing and heritage as Asian Americans.

- No Added Colorings or Flavorings - Non-GMO Project Verified - No Shiny Glaze - Kosher Certified - Gluten/Soy/Palm Oil-Free - Supports Disadvantaged Single Moms across America

See each individual product page for additional ingredient details.

STORAGE: Store at 70F or below SHELF LIFE: 8-12 months