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For Good Compostable Small Kitchen Trash Bags

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4 Gallon Trash Bags 25 Pak

  • Designed for maximum strength, tear and leak resistance
  • Made with plants (PLA & PBAT) that break down into carbon and water
  • Certified by BPI to rapidly compost in municipal or commercial composting facilities
  • Fits 4 gallon cans | 25 bags per box 
  • Ideal for small trash cans in the bathroom, office, kids’ room, or laundry room.
Did you know?

Our trash bags break down into carbon and water, leaving no trace of microplastics.

Take Less. Give Back. For Good.

Regardless of what’s in there—bathroom trash, office throw-aways, dirty diapers—these trash bags can do a world of good. Let’s break it down: conventional trash bags never go away. These break down into carbon and water. Not all trash bags are bad.