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For Good Compostable Snack Bags

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- Leak resistant, resealable, fridge and freezer safe

- Made with plants (PLA & PBAT) that break down into carbon and water

- Meets internationally-recognized standards to safely biodegrade in municipal or commercial composting facilities

- 6.5in x 3.2in | 16.5cm x 8.2cm | 25 bags per box

Ideal for any type of grab-and-go goodness (fruit, vegetables, nuts, chips, etc.).

Their small size makes them perfect for travel or staying organized!

Take Less. Give Back. For Good. Who doesn’t love a good snack? Well, our planet for one. The average household uses up to 500 plastic zipper bags a year. Fortunately, these are of the plant-based, compostable plastic variety. Enjoy your pretzels, grapes, and trail mix without contributing to microplastic pollution. Snackers rejoice!

• Made in China